LowePowe Noodles 

LowePowe Noodles mission is to provide great food, fast. Using authentic ingredients we create a freshly cooked, tasty, nutritious meal based on noodles. Our food is cooked in batches of 4-6 portions throughout the day ensuring that your noodles remain fresh and wholesome.

Our menu is simple to allow us to provide the best. We start with wheat noodles and a selection of vegetables stir fried in a little sesame oil and flavoured with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, vegetarian stir-fry sauce and garlic. Add optional chicken or cashew nuts or go for Char Sui Pork or Sweet & Sour Chicken. Spice it up with your choice of Dark Soy, Hoi Sin, Sweet Chilli, Hot Chilli or Sweet & Sour sauces.

Our Char Sui Pork and Sweet & Sour Chicken are both gluten free and can be ordered with rice.

Males are served in a traditional noodle pot with chopsticks, or a fork for the less adventurous. Full details can be found on our Menu Page.

If you come to us at a busy time you'll see each wok full of freshly cooked noodles delivered and despatched before your eyes. If we're not busy and food isn't immediately served, we'll monitor it carefully and throw it away if we think it's past its best. If we slip up and you think our noodles have been around too long, please let us know and we'll cook a new batch for you.

Although most of our events are outdoor catering, serving our noodles at music festivals, beer festivals, village fetes and carnivals, steam shows, food festivals and markets, we can in fact serve anywhere that people could eat noodles. We have the capability of serving indoors as well as outdoors. Whilst we usually serve from our self-sufficient catering trailer, we can easily set up our 3m x 3m marquee or serve at an indoor location. We can serve up to 70 portions per hour but are quite happy to cater for smaller events.

If you'd like us to serve at your function or event then please call us or e-mail with more details. Click one of the icons on the top left of the page for our contact details.