December 2, 2020


LowePowe Noodles is owned and run by Pauline Lowe and Geoff Powell, business and life partners who decided to take the leap into mobile catering in 2013 after careers in totally different professions.

Pauline Lowe was a Senior Admistrator with Oxford University who has spent many years in Kenya returning to Oxford in 2010. When Oxford University made Pauline an offer she couldn’t refuse in 2013, namely a dead-end job or retirement, she chose the latter.

Geoff Powell has had a long career in IT sales and support, and still runs an educational software sales web site. He has worked for many large organisations ending up at Oxford Brookes University managing their computer shop. When in 2013 Oxford Brookes decided that they didn’t want a shop anymore, Geoff had a similar choice to Pauline’s and chose semi-retirement.

However, after a sponsored cycle ride from London to Paris in 2013, we became restless and began searching for a new challenge. Whilst on holiday in the New Forest we dropped into a small tea room in a marquee and as we sat tucking into cake thought that we could run a similar operation.

After much thought and refining and rejection of this idea and a number of others we created Pasta Al Fresco. As keen amateur cooks with a love of Italian food we were captured by the lure of the street food revolution and believed we had spotted a gap in the market.

Our aim with Pasta Al Fresco was travel to travel around the Oxford area serving hot pasta with top quality sauces, something people would love to eat. So we invested in a marquee and lots of cooking equipment and launched in October 2013.

Pasta Al Fresco Launch
Our first event - World Pooh Sticks

Our first outing at the World Pooh Sticks Championships at Wittenham Clumps was a complete wash out. It poured with rain and we were left cold and wet with little to show for the event. But we’re not the sort to throw in the towel and after a shaky start in 2013 we invested in our catering trailer which served us well as we toured throughout the country serving pasta and Italian snacks during 2014. You can see pictures from 2013 – 2014 in our Picture Gallery.

However, at the end of 2014 it was very clear to us that although the people of Oxfordshire and beyond loved our pasta, panzarotti and aranchini their appetite for Italian food was not big enough to allow us to prosper as Pasta Al Fresco. In October 2014, as we sat next to a stall selling Noodles by the shedload whilst all around twiddled their thumbs, we decided that a change was necessary. LowePowe noodles was born.

With our catering skills honed throughout 2013 and 2014 we decided to change tack. After a winter of experimentation in the kitchen we rebranded our trailer and emerged with a new look and a new menu. In March 2015 we turned up to Wantage Market with a new spring in our step and a sense of anticipation.

From that day in March we have gone from strength to strength thoughout 2015, people love our noodles and also our cardboard noodle pots (just like those in Friends) and chopsticks. Check our pictue gallery and you’ll see that we’ve had a fantastic year despite a few wet weekends. We are looking forward to adding more, larger events to those we visited in 2015.

2016 was another successful year for us with new events such as the Marvellous Festival, Pershore Carnival and Kop Hill Climb. All of this achieved with a move of home. We’re now located in Evesham, Worcestershire, close enough for all the great events we attended in 2016 but opening up new opportunities slightly further north.

In 2017 we changed our look with a themed frontage which has been received very well and brought many positive comments.