December 2, 2020


What We Serve and How We Prepare It

Consistent Quality

We serve noodles at a variety of events and functions, street food markets, music festivals, village fetes & fairs, steam rallies and private functions but we always cook our noodles on-site using the same techniques. This ensures that you get a consistently high quality, fresh, steaming hot meal every time, and probably explains why some people come back to us, sometimes more than once on the same day.

Vegetarian Noodles?

Every noodle meal that we sell is based on our vegetarian/vegan noodles. The noodles are a mix of onion, carrot, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and green beans flavoured with sesame oil, light soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, vegetarian stir-fry sauce and garlic. We don’t cook raw meat on-site and meat and dairy products are never cooked in the same woks as the noodles or handled with any of the utensils used for cooking or preparation. Similarly, cashews are handled with seperate utensils and never added during cooking.

Meat Options?

“What about some meat?” you may ask. That’s definitely an option.

We have chicken breast pieces. We use frozen, ready cooked, chicken breast and these are reheated to 80 deg C and tossed in our stir fry mix ready to serve. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our chicken is Halal.

The sauce for our Sweet & Sour Chicken is Gluten Free. It is home made from tomato puree, pineapple, peppers, onion, ginger, gluten free soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, a litle garlic and a dash of chilli sauce. Our sauce is prepared prior to an event and vaccuum packed. It is then mixed with chicken on the day and reheated to 80 deg C and hot-held ready for serving.

Our home made sauces and chicken are prepared and held in packs of ten portions or less so whatever you choose it will have only been prepared for serving a short while before you request it. This ensures freshness and also means our food waste is kept to a minimum.

Additional Options

Our only additional option we have is cashew nuts. Our cashews are bought in bulk and vaccuum packed in small batches to keep them fresh. They are kept in a clip-lock container at all times to minimise the risk to customers who have a nut allergy.

Gluten Free

We use wheat noodles exclusively and many of the items we use in creating our noodles contain gluten so unfortunately we aren’t able to offer a gluten free noodle option. However, our Sweet & Sour Chicken is gluten free so we are able to offer that with boiled rice.

I’m sorry but we do not have a vegan or vegetarian gluten free meal.

Please note that the Dark Soy and Hoisin sauces on our counter contain traces of gluten. Only the Hot Chilli, Sweet Chilli and Sweet & Sour sauces are gluten free.

Hot & Spicy?

While we are quite partial to a little hot chilli sauce, we appreciate that some of you may not be. For that reason, our noodles are tasty enough to eat without adding anything else and are not spicy. We provide a number of high quality sauces for you to add to your noodles if you have a particular preference. We’d only advise that you don’t add all of them as they may not combine to the flavour you are looking for. Our standard optional sauces are:

Hoi Sin, Hot Chilli, Sweet Chilli, Sweet & Sour, Dark Soy

Help yourself to a much or as little as you like.


We use wheat noodles, which we know can be a problem, which is why we have a gluten free sauce that can be served with boiled rice to make a gluten free meal. There are other items within our menu that could cause issues for some customers so we have prepared an allergen chart which is displayed below.

The only nuts that we use are cashew nuts, these are kept in a dedicated container and are only added to an individual serving on request.

Our 2020 Allergens List – Open Browser Fully To View Larger

Peace of Mind

It’s a legal requirement but I suppose it’s not something you often hear much about, except when it all goes wrong. I’m talking about hygiene. Here at LowePowe, we are pleased to let you know that our staff have completed at least City & Guilds Level 2 Food Hygiene training. We are proud to have continuously held a 5 star hygiene rating since we began trading in 2013. We are now registered with Worcestershire Regulatory Services who last checked us in May 2018 and once again awarded us a 5 star rating.

You can check our food rating and that of any caterer or restaurant on the Food Standards Agency web site